Music Star Blocks

Your music memory game

A game to challenge your musical memory

Become an audionaut and discover the mistery of the sounds of the universe. It is really easy! You just need to match the musical blocks. But beware! You do not have much time or fuel, and the further you go the bigger the challenge is!

Don't think. Just download it in your iPhone and start to play, audionaut. It's free!

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Match the Music Blocks

Test your musical memory! Pick up a song block and find the matching one.

Conquer the planets

Discover the planets! The further you go the harder it gets. If you prefer, you can stay at a same planet to get more bonus.

Explore the galaxies

Explore the different galaxy's planets! You must defeat the galaxy's boss and its assistants to go to the next one.

Meet the challenges

The blocks will automatically shuffle. Monsters will try to stop your travel. You may not run out of fuel. You must run!

Go fast to win a bonus

Be fast! The time you save is converted to fuel! :)

Use your own playlist

Do you prefer to play using your own songs? Get the Own Songs feature while it’s free!